With the Changing Paradigm of our economy, There is definitely a need to emphasize The importance of building residual income and also to explain the need for individuals to use leverage-based opportunities such as the network marketing business model if their dreams are to gain financial and time freedom.

And Your Network = Your Networth.
So, even if you presently work a job or need extra income we must be mindful and pay attention to network marketing so as to develop residual or passive income over time.

In Leymans terms; the most common way that people define residual income is…

You’ve heard about it, the famous Reishi mushroom also is known as Ganoderma. It’s become a staple of wellness and vitality… but what’s behind this mysterious and potent mushroom? Well, ORGANO has the complete Ganoderma guide for you, so you stay informed and make the most out of this treasure of the earth.

Table of contents

  • What is Ganoderma?
  • Where does it come from?
  • What are the benefits of consuming Ganoderma?
  • How to incorporate Ganoderma into your diet
  • ORGANO making the Ganoderma Difference

What is Ganoderma?

The Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom has a long and prestigious history and different names: Reishi in Japanese, King…

The brain is amazing, with an average weight of 1500 grams, it is the most complex organ in the human body. It is responsible for all of the body’s functions and it produces our every thought, actions, memory, feeling, and experience of the world.

With hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions happening in the brain every second of every day, it is the most powerful supercomputer in the world. Unfortunately, it comes with no instructions booklet!


The brain is flexible and it was shaped, both structurally and functionally, by everything you do and by everything you don’t do.

Now you…


It sounds like a cool term, but few innerstand the truth and reality it. Our bodies are made up of the most valuable elements on the Planet. But do we really value the truth?

What is considered valuable now, that has always been considered valuable? = Precious metals /Jewellery such as Silver, Gold, and Copper. …

Using Guided Imagery to Promote Wellness: Part 2

“ Whatever you give your attention to grows “

(Picture from a Business Event I attended)

According to the Computational Theory of Imagery, guided imagery has Four stages:

* Image Generation:

Generate an Image from memory or one that is purely fictional.

* Image Maintenance:

The Brain can only hold onto an image for only 250ms (milliseconds) in order to avoid confusion of sensory preceptors.

It is crucial that you practice on your concentration skills so you can improve on keeping your mental image clear and lucid in your mind for longer…

Three Principles Of Guided Imagery- PART 1

(1) The Mind-Body Connection

Credit: Johnhain on Pixabay.

What we have to understand about our bodies is that it has Faith whatever mental image you present it with, so much so that it believes that it is the actual truth. The mind is quite good at constructing Full-blown, believable images to the extent that when we think of a certain food, we start to salivate.

Here is An Analogy: You might start to think of how the food looks on your Plate , What it smells like and how it feels as you’re chewing it. …

In order to begin the journey towards Wellness it is important to understand all of its components to gain further insight that can support ULTIMATE WELLBEING.

In the Previous blog, we explored The Several Dimensions of Wellness. Yet, At the core of these Dimensions, we must innerstand the 4 Key characteristics of Wellness in it’s Entirety. They Include: Your Multidimensional life, Quality of Life, Personal Responsibility and Self-Care. So Let’s Begin to explore these Characteristics:


Uncovering the Several Dimensions of Wellness

In this Article , we will uncover the several dimensions of Wellness .

Before diving in we must understand this question:

‘ What Is WELLNESS ?’

ANSWER: Wellness=Is the quality or state of being healthy in body and especially as the result of a deliberate effort.

The World Health Organisation defines Wellness as “A state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing; not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Now that the basics is covered lets dive into ‘THE SEVERAL DIMENSIONS OF WELLNESS”.

(1) Physical Wellness

(Source of Image: robertbadenpowell1–2x.jpg)

“We destroy things by neglecting it”. Does this apply to our life, personal growth and Financial future?

This realization hit me hard this week. Alot of character-building moments in my life, personal growth and finances have lead to alot of questions which I felt the need to write down, type up and share with you.

QUESTION: How do we destroy a plants future and growth?

ANSWER: By not watering it and neglecting that it’s needed for nourishment through the right methods, ie. Plenty of water.

So how do we destroy our financial future and growth?



Social Entrepreneur and Poet , here to provide value and opportunities of Health, Wealth & Connections to evolving into Greater versions of ourselves!

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