Five Reasons Why we (People as a collective) DON’T TAKE ACTION or ASK and thinking about steps to take going forward

Taking Action. Easy to say yet often hard to do for many of us for a number of us in Life. Action can be seen as our highest expression of our thoughts.

After reading this blog, Ask yourself WHY. Two questions can emerge from the simple phrase of WHY:

- What is Holding You Back? (External circumstances such as living arrangements etc)

- And

- What Hurts You?

- (what have experienced that internally conflicts you and prevents you from taking action)

I have identified FIVE reasons why we may not take action or ask for things that will allow us to take the desired actions when moving in life:

(1) The first reason that people don’t ask is IGNORANCE.

- Most don’t know what to ask for.

- Most have never been taught how to ask and they don’t know who to ask

  • We are afraid to challenge our ignorance

(2) The Second Reason is LIMITING AND INACCURATE BELIEFS that people have.

Often we act as though there’s not enough. Although, the universe we live in is full of unlimited abundance, it has to be accepted as a reality in our own mind.

- Or, we would give the excuse of not asking people for favours or support with certain things, such as: “if you really love me, I wouldn’t have to ask”. This can be counterproductive at times as not everyone responds the same way in which you would like them to.

- Or, “the world’s not a responsive place”.

- Another example is “No one cares about my needs. If I get what I want it will really make me unhappy”.

(NOTE: You really have to go in and bore down on some of those CORE beliefs we picked up as children).

(3) The third reason is FEAR OF REJECTION.

- People are so afraid to look bad

- We’re afraid to look stupid

- We’re afraid to be humiliated

- We’re afraid to look ignorant

- We’re afraid to look like we don’t know what we’re doing


(4) The fourth reason is LOW SELF-ESTEEM

- Many of us don’t feel we’re worthy of getting our needs met.

- Some of that comes from our childhood beliefs from our parents. It’s the way we’ve been taught.

- But I will tell you now:




(5) The fifth reason is PRIDE. (i.e. the old man who won’t ask for directions).

- EXAMPLE: If we need directions in certain areas of life we tend to think we’re supposed to already know.

- We don’t want to look we don’t know or that we need anything. By doing this we close out our Heart’s desire to express oneself. And when there is blockages in the Heart chakra energy we release, we unconsciously cut off the ability to solidify connections and relationships that come in many forms. Let us be mindful of this.


“If you couldn’t find some information that you were supposed to have, but you knew your neighbour across the hall had it, how many of you would just walk across the hall and ask for it?”

“The universe rewards action”- “ask and you shall receive”- visualize your goals and conceive.

Let us gradually learn and become more mindful of situations in our life that keeps us from becoming our Greatest versions of ourselves.

Please share your views and experiences below. Your comments may help others too.

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